During the first part of the autumn semester, I studied a course called ‘Design and programing of computer games’. The task in this course it to create a game from scratch with the use of an existing game engine.

I’ve had a bigger game idea for a while, a sort of anno 1404, ‘BUT IN SPACE!’. The game revolves about colonization of planets and extract different resources from different planets. Part of the game mechanic is to manipulate the orbits of your satellites, space stations and other orbital to achieve certain stuff.

But since this idea is way too big to finish in this short time of a period (I’m also studying at 120% right now as well). So I decided to just take a small part of my idea and create a game around that. The game that emerge was ExoSphere.

Exosphere is a puzzle game in which you spawn satellites and manipulate their orbits to achieve goals. The plan was to have specific goals with a optimal solution in terms of number of satellites and time. In your arsenal you can change: the semi-major axis, inclination and eccentricity of the orbits. And in the vertical Slice the goals are quite simple and are not measured in terms of number of satellites or time.

The game has been nominated to the LiU Game Awards and at 17:15 today I will know if I won. :)

Update! I finished second in LiU Game awards after the game “Blanda”. Checkout all the trailers here