Apparently it’s 2 and half years ago I started studying again, and now its time for me to write my bachelor thesis. It’s quite new for us to have a bachelor thesis and this is the second year our programme has a bachelor degree course. To not lose any of the things we would have learned if we hadn’t had a thesis, the course is based on our course Software Engineering. This makes the pick of project pretty special, we don’t pick our projects ourselves, we apply to be part of a team for a project pre-determined.

My project revolves around 3D scanning and reconstruction of 3D. We are suppose to create a 3D scanning booth for a local museum specialized around visualization. The idea is to use multiple Kinects together with OpenCV and PCL (Point Cloud Library) to scan, collect and recreate a object. I’m looking forward to this project since it gives me the opportunity to work with something I, briefly, worked with at IMS.

The final team that ended up in this project is pretty great aswell! All of them are people with high ambitiions and I’m looking forward to working with them. The actual work won’t begin until a couple of weeks, for now - I’m going off to San fransisco for a week! Woho!